A tour that tells the artistic beauty of our territory.

A project which required the attentions of time and a lot of experimentation, finally leading us to celebrate the birth of a line of wines in total balance with the spirit and history of this brand; a winery with a young soul which confirms, with Linea Colli, the will of innovation by bringing with it all the treasures tradition has in store for the historical Cantine Silvestri.

The new look of Rosso Colli Cesanese tells of the beauty of Palazzo Sforza Cesarini in Genzano, the birthplace of Cantine Silvestri in 1929. We were inspired by its spectacular eighteenth-century façade and the Hager Sportelli collection contained within, which is accessed via a refined monumental staircase.

Our journey of taste and culture through the Castelli Romani continues. On this second label of our Rosso Colli - Cesanese we wanted to immortalize a detail of the frescoes in the apartment of Prince Gerolamo Colonna at Villa del Cardinale, built in 1629 on the lake of Albano.

Entering Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, we discovered the Hager-Sportelli Collection: Onorio Marinari's Santa Cecilia inspired the label of our Rossi Colli Cesenase, an intense ruby red color, a well structured wine with an important body.

A new stop on our journey to discover the artistic beauties of our territory: today we arrive in one of the most spectacular places in Italy, Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia. We imagined ourselves tasting a glass of our iced Vermentino, seated in one of the countless frescoed rooms, while contemplating Pier Francesco Mola's refined gesture of "Bacchus".

Our journey takes us back to Genzano di Roma, where our winery was established almost one hundred years ago. Among the treasures contained inside Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, this time we chose a portrait by Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, one of the greatest portraitist of her time.

Our Bianco Colli Vermentino meets the masterpieces of Palazzo Chigi, baroque residence and museum: to inspire us its pictorial masterpieces such as this wonderful 17th century work by Giacinto Brandi. But also the summer dining room: frescoed in an ideal continuum with the park below and further embellished with 17th century leather wall hangings, it was also the set of the dining room in Luchino Visconti's "Gattopardo".

For our Frascati DOCG Superiore we return to one of the two lakes of the Castelli Romani area, guests of the wonderful Villa Del Cardinale. We are located overlooking the lake of Castel Gandolfo, immersed in a secular park of 4 hectares: once an ancient Roman patrician villa, then a hunting lodge of the Colonna princes, Villa Del Cardinale is a place that fully represents the echo of the history that permeates our territory.

Let's stay on the light olfactory notes of fresh fruit of our Frascati DOCG Superiore, but let's go back to Genzano di Roma and precisely to Palazzo Sforza Cesarini. Here we were inspired by the other lake in our territory, Lake Nemi: a place that has never ceased to fascinate visitors over the centuries, from the ancient peoples of Latium who had erected here the temple of Diana, to the ancient Romans and the famous ships of Caligula, up to the Gran Tour and the fascination of hunting.

We conclude our tour to discover the hidden beauties of our territory, the Castelli Romani, with the latest label of our Frascati DOCG Superiore, inspired by the splendor of Palazzo Chigi. A place we strongly suggest to visit: openings and opening hours are reported on the website of the Palace in Ariccia.