The Roman Castles

Rome is based on seven hills, while the roman castles soar on a double number of heights, lying between albani and tuscolani hills.
Rome is a voluptuous matron. The Roman Castles are her necklace of fourteen pearls, all precious for the combination of shiny history and arts, together with the work of the nature and human being across the centuries.
Each castle has got its own appearance: each town grown around its cultural identity of each castrum, has got a dialect, a special celebration, peculiar culinary features, monuments, famous characters. The places are picturesque, fervid the wines, food is tasty and typical of the countryside.
In between of levels and mountains, fruits have enough space to offer a big variety of grapes, strawberries, chestnuts, as well as flowers: gladioli, narcisi, violets.
Following the example of Lucullo and Cicero, popes, emperors and princes chose the area for their grounds and villas. That’s the case of the most ancient and aristocrat families: Frangipane, Orsini, Savelli column and then Aldobrandini, Ruspoli, Chigi, Torlonia, Sforza Cesarini and Borghese, who renewed in the middle ages and afterwards the splendour and the power of antiques Romans with their princely residences.

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