Silvestri Rosso Colli


LAZIO IGT ROSSO 350 / 750 ml 0375

  • gradazione: 13°


these grapes are grown on a hilly terrain at the slope of the Castelli Romani province of Rome.

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese, Merlot

Wine making tecnique

grapes are picked by hand, pressed and de-stammed before they macerate on the skins for 10 daysat about 25° c. The must from the first-pressing ferments in stainless steel vats. After botteling, the wine continues to age for a further 4-5 months before going on sale.


COLOUR: Deep ruby red
BOUQUET: deeply fruity fruit with bouquet of little blackberries
TASTE: Dry, well structured for an important body. Rightly tannic, with an inkling of billberries.

Advice from the winemaker

A wine with ageing potential. Allow to breathe before serving by carefully decanting into carafe serving at 18 c°

Gastronomical suggestions

Due to good structure accopanies braised, grilled meat and halfseasoned cheese.

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