Silvestri Demi Sec



  • gradazione: 12.5°

Production zone

Grapes come from hillside vineyards in Campania and Lazio.

Grape Varieties

Made from Falanghina and Chardonnay grapes, selected and harvested by hand as soon as they are ripe.

Winemaking Technique

Grapes are soft crushed and the skins removed at once; the clear must is fermented at a controlled temperature, with the addition of selected yeasts. The resulting wine is filtered to arrest secondary fermentation.

Bottle fermentation

Usually begins in the February or March following the grape harvest to finish in October or November. Before bottling, a carefully measured dose of sugar is added. The wine ferments in the bottle for about three months before it goes on sale.


MOUSSE: Creamy and constant, with a lingering crown.
PERLAGE: Long-lasting, with tiny bubbles.
COLOUR: Bright straw-yellow, tinged with pale green.
BOUQUET: Agreeably full and flowery.
PALATE: Splendidly soft, clean and attractive;
good depth and plenty of character.

Producer's notes

To enjoy this sparkling wine at its best, drink no more than a year after the date of purchase. Serve at 6°-8°C.

Serving suggestions

A seductively elegant spumante, perfect at the end of the meal.

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