Silver Blue



  • gradazione: 11.5°

Grapes varietes

Made from Falanghina and Chardonnay grapes selectively handpicked when just ripe.

Vinification Technique

Fermented without the skins. Soft-crushed. Clear-must fermented at controlled temperatures with addition of selected yeast. The wine obtained is filtred to avoid secondary fermentation.


Refermentaion takes place absolutely naturally, beginning in January and concluding in March.

Tasting notes

MOUSSE: Delicate.
PERLAGE: Fine, persistent.
COLOUR: Pale staw yellow with faint greenish tinges.
NOSE: Flowery and fruity, redolent of ripening apples.
PALATE: Full-flavoured, lively and well-rounded. The fresh fruit note in the nose is enchoed on the palate. Well-balanced.

Producer's Recommendation

Drink within one year of the vinage. Ideal in spring or summer, when the freshness and delicacy of the wine are enhanced to the full. Serve at 8°-10° C.

Serving suggestions

Superb as an aperitif, with sushi hors d’oeuvres, ham or the light, delicately flavoured first courses typically served in summer.

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