Beatrice Sauvignon



  • gradazione: 12.5°

Grape Varieties

From 100% Sauvignon grapes selectively hand-picked when ripened to perfect maturity.

Winemaking technique

Fermented without the skins. Soft-crushed. First-pres- sing must clear-fermented at controlled temperatures with addition of selected yeast. First fermentation lasts 15-20 days. Malolactic fermentation is encoura- ged by partially lowering the malic acid content. The wine obtained after ageing is filtered to avoid secondary fermentation.

Tasting Notes

COLOUR: Very faint colour. Pale straw yellow, with greenish tinges.
BOUQUET: Full and well-rounded, with a characteristic varietal aroma. Well-balanced, with a soft, yet satisfyingly mature note.
TASTE : Dry, with an excellent balance of acidity and smoothness.
Free of asperity but with a fragrant note of malic fruit in the finish.

Advice from the winemaker

Best served cool at a temperature of 10-12° C, with lean hors d'oeuvres, consommés, fish and white meat.

Gastronomical suggestions

A wine with moderate ageing potential, at its best if chunk in the year following the vintage. Store in a dark, cool cellar.

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